FlairBuilder – Wireframes. Mockups. Prototypes

A cross-platform prototyping tool that helps you create interactive wireframes & prototypes faster, easier and with better results.

We put a strong emphase in interactivity as this is the best way to show your clients something closer to the real product.

I was recently introduced to FlairBuilder, a Wireframing/Prototyping tool, built in Adobe Flex and I must say i’m impressed!

Normally i don’t like to use prototyping tools which don’t output HTML, as they can leave clients with the wrong expectations. FlairBuilder seems to circumnavigate those issue perfectly by creating simple, HTML like, interactions.

Compared to Axure it’s not as fully featured BUT at only $99 it’s great value and i haven’t missed any of Axures additional features so far. Plus, FlairBuilder has some great features of its own:

Import from Balsamiq Mockups

Online and desktop viewer which makes remote walk throughs of the prototype ridiculously easy

Another big plus is of course is that is built in Flex so it works just as great on my Mac as on my PC. Unlike Axure where I have learn a new way of using it across different platforms.

Well done to Cristian Pascu for creating such a great little tool.

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