Ultimate Pancake mix

To make the ultimate pancake mix you need:

135g – Plain Flour
1 – Egg
350ml – Milk

Will make approx. 6 pancakes.

1. Sieve flour into a large bowl
2. Make a well in the flour then break the egg into the well.
3. Gradually pour the milk into the bowl mixing the ingredients into a smooth paste.

Put a frying pan in to a low-medium heat with a little oil (sun flower oil is the best, olive oil sucks ass)

When the oil runs easily across the pan add a ladle of pancake mix.

When the top of the pancake looks mostly set flip over and cook on the other side.

Cook, turning regularly, to your required Pantone πŸ˜‰

Enjoy your breakfast πŸ˜‰

N.b did you know the browning reaction that happens when cooking is called the Maillard reaction?

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