My house mate Amy is a trooper, and sometime I take her for granted. So I was scratching around last night and jotted down the following lines.


I assume you know I’m grateful
I assume you know I care

I assume, which could be woeful
As from it you may despair

So thank you for your patience,
For everything you do

And if I seem ungrateful
Its because I have no clue.


A verse or two.

This is a couple of versus I wrote today when thinking about not chatting with a friend.

The metering is a little off on a couple of the versus, and typically I would be nervous about posting it but I liked the self deprecating humor and I thought what the hell, No one ever reads this blog anyway!

I smoke and drink and am, lets face it, a little unrefined. I rarely travel or explore and will never wear an academic gown; I’m out of breath when climbing stairs, and sadly tend to bore.

But I think you’re swell, and miss our chats and hope I didn’t say something daft that ruined it, as that just wouldn’t do.

I like to ask you stupid questions and pretend I know what’s going on, To cheer you on at one thousand words, for papers newly spun.

Now, I’m bound to make some blunders, and will gain a strike or two, but of course that doesn’t matter (as I’m too short for you).

So how about it? keep in touch, and let me know the news. I’d sooner raise the subject then say, goodbye, to you.