02: Analytics and Makers

2022-11-15 – Tuesday

  1. The day is full of meetings today! Which means I’ll not get any work done.
  2. The weather is horrible, raining and windy! Should have anti-fouled the boat yesterday. I’m not holding out much hope for Friday and Saturday. A week is a long time, meteorologically speaking.
  3. Analytics: Really interesting chat with Anna Corbertt about analytics today. Creating a meaningful dashboard is really tough because you need to be honest about what questions you’re asking. Page views are meaningless if your website is the default website in a corporate browser, Page views with a duration of great than x seconds/mins is much more meaningful. The follow-up question is, what is x? How long does someone need to be on the homepage before they leave or move on? What content is there? What are we expecting them to engage with? Meaningful KPIs are really hard but really fun and fascinating.
  4. I’m really unsatisfied with today’s work didn’t get half of the things done I wanted to.
  5. Had a kick-off with a new client; it’s a really interesting project in health care. Looking forward
  6. Started to re-read [Cory Doctorow’s Makers][https://craphound.com/makers/about/] I Read it when it was first published in 2009, and I am now curious how the near-future sci-fi holds up now that [i’ve got a 3D Printer] and device programming is so much easier now we have Arduino, Raspberry Pi (Pico W specifically). I bought the audiobook directly from Cory Doctorow as Amazon (Audible) rip-off authors re: Audiobooks, and he emailed to say thanks. How nice!
  7. Reading: Markers, Cory Doctorow
  8. Wordle: 4/6 again!

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