12: Authentication issues – resolution.

2022-11-25 – Friday

  1. Authentication issue: we discovered the problem was down to server-side caching.
  2. In some circumstances, the user object is cached before it’s finished being setup.
  3. The FE services are NOT the same as the admin services, so when we see the data in the admin system, it’s not the same as what’s returned in the app.
  4. We’ve found a non-dev workaround, but it’ll require some dedicated dev time to fix properly.
  5. Good week, on the whole, our second dev team finished up their sprint on time and Done meant Done.
  6. There are lots of changes coming up in dec, through to early next year. So time to start prepping.
  7. Reading: Makers by Cory Doctorow
  8. Wordle 524: 4/6

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