18: UCD, UX, UI

2022-12-01 – Thursday

  • On the whole a better day today, although very busy
  • We’re working closely with a new partner to supplement their UX and Design function, so we’re doing a lot of handover meetings.
  • It’s interesting to hear and see how different orgs approach UX and what they mean when they use that term.
  • It’s probably fair to say that when people ask us for UX work these days, what they’re really asking for is UI/UX
  • We’ve been doing user-centred design long enough now that when we are presented with an issue, we can usually devise solutions which work equally as well for our customers, users and their businesses.
  • When we lean heavily on more traditional UX skills such as Content Audits, Card Sorting, Tree Jacks, Usability Testing etc., is when it’s clear from analytics and feedback that what’s currently there is not working or that we’re presenting a novel solution or an approach which is significantly different from what is presently there.
  • The standardisation of website and app builds means that what was more of a bespoke design and build activity is now primarily about content curation and good IA.
  • Standardisation also goes some way to explain how the current crop of no-code tools manages to get most of the everyday web build tasks right.

  • Reading: Peripheral by William Gibson
  • Wordle 530: FAIL

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