20: Christmas Fayres, Being Idol

2022-12-03 – Saturday

  • We have nothing planned today!
  • We might pop to the local Christmas Fayre.
  • Why do we use the old English spelling of Fayre for Fair but not Gaol for Jail??
  • Don’t you think Gaol is a much cooler way of spelling the word?
  • Apart from that, we’re doing nothing. So it’s 12.15, and I’m indulgently lounging in the bath!
  • I have no truck with the idea I’m wasting the day! How can relaxing be a waste? (Obviously, relaxing is something I’m much better able to do since Ellie grew up and left home! Before that, there was more to do)
  • However, Why must we be efficient and get things done all the time?
  • Years ago, I read two excellent books by Tom Hodgkinson (of the idler fame) called How to be free and How to be idle, which disabused me of the need to be constantly busy. If you’ve not read them, you should give them a read. I’m going to put them in my up-next column)
  • This afternoon we went to the mistletoe fayre as planned.
  • We had a lovely time and enjoyed walking around the fayre.
  • After, we went to the boat to check everything was okay.
  • No drama day!
  • We had fish and chips for dinner and watched a Christmas movie (Four Christmases)
  • Spend my evening watching crochet videos on youtube!!

  • Reading: Peripheral by William Gibson
  • Wordle 532: 4/6

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