28: Sweep the street.

2022-12-11 – Sunday

  • A few weeks back I was ruminating on how we can bring our local communities together, specifically, in this case, how I can get my street to come together to tidy up the leaves from our communal areas.
  • Well, today, the street came together, and it was brilliant.
  • Pretty much everyone showed up to help for as long as they could.
  • Maggie made tea and bacon rolls.
  • We came together, worked, laughed, and chatted for a little over an hour.
  • Everyone seemed happy to help
  • We had neighbours in their 80 all the way down to their teens come out and join us.
  • Let’s hope we can build on this over the years.

  • Reading: The Peripheral by William Gibson
  • Wordle: 540 4/6

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