33: Closing open loop, user involvement tools

2022-12-16 – Friday

  • We’ve been closing open loops at work today.
  • Retail App: we need to get a release candidate ready for when we return in the new year.
  • Usability Tests: we need to finalise two unmoderated remote usability test for Etch, to be sent out next week and when we return in the new year.
  • We’re using a new remote usability testing tool called Usability Hub.
  • The Pros: It’s easy to link to Figma, has a great way to present and structure tasks and get task feedback.
  • The cons: it does capture video, make it impossible to use the talk-out-loud protocol to understand what the participants are thinking as they’re doing our tasks. Favouring instead capturing hotspots.
  • I’m prepared to give it a go, but currently I don’t think it’ll be a long term member of our usability testing toolkit.
  • I like doing user involvement activities and think that most modern tools like Optimal Workshop, UsabilityTesting.com and UserZoom are tremendous and make incorporating UX activities into your design workflow a breeze.
  • I mourn the loss of a good prototyping tool like Axure in favour of Figma.
  • Figma is great, BUT it’s a design tool, not a prototyping, tool which makes testing some scenarios nearly impossible.

  • Reading: The Peripheral – 100% Complete 🎉
  • Wordle: 545 4/6

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