37: Discount Manager, Games

2022-12-20 – Tuesday

  • Time is the enemy of all software projects
  • The discount manager app has stopped working, and everyone who worked on the original project has moved on.
  • To be fair, this is the first time in three years it’s stopped working.
  • Being the proactive person I am, I pulled the code from the repo and tried to sort out the issue.
  • Except for the readme.md that accompanies the repo wasn’t particularly expansive in how to set up and run the project.
  • This called for big guns to be pulled out, so I asked Dave and Callum to figure out how to get it working.
  • All credit to them; they got the app running pretty quickly, but we still couldn’t connect to the DB.
  • The original app was created using a non-standard set of tools, next.js, prisms, and PostgreSQL.
  • Note to future self: if you use a non-standard toolchain, you must document the entire setup and config in detail and use it to repo the install and config immediately. Do not skip this step.
  • Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in the situation I’m in now with a web app that doesn’t work and no immediate prospects of getting it running.
  • I wouldn’t have used the Discount manager unless I needed to send out some discount codes.
  • So alongside Dave and Callum trying to get the web app running, I spend my time writing a script to send the emails instead.
  • The basic script I got running pretty quickly, but it’s the last 20% that gets you.
  • As well as sending the emails, I had to report on used codes ( employee number, email and code the user was assigned) and the unsent codes, which provided to take a lot of time.
  • For speed, I wrote the script in Python using Jupyter notebook, which has limitations but is a great way to build scripts and debug simultaneously.
  • I also discovered that Visual Studio Code renders a Jupyter notebook natively, which is freaking awesome.
  • Thankfully the script worked well, so I’ll be able to send out the codes tomorrow morning.

  • Reading: The Agency by William Gibson (13% Complete)
  • World’s: 549 5/6

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