Unstuck and unleashed Alpha Podcast

In May 2020 I create a series of 10 podcasts on Digital Delivery called Unstuck and Unleashed. These are very much alpha productions, but I wanted to share them as an exercise of putting my work out into the world.

I will be recording a regular podcast series to discuss the topics of digital delivery

I could have continued the podcast as they were, thinking about a subject in the morning, and recording something about it that evening, but there was no structure to them and it bothered me.

I want the podcast to be a really useful resource, to help people who lead digital teams become better at it. I can’t achieve that goal if I don’t start thinking even more deeply about the topic. For me, this means repositioning myself and my company UX Consultancy around three core themes Define, Develop and Deliver

These themes will organise our thinking about, and exploration of digital delivery in the future podcasts.

Until then here are the alpha episodes of Unstuck and Unleashed. I hope you like them and can see the embryo of what’s to come.

Matt (June 2020)