Thoughts: Envisaging “Personal Media”

Like most people my phone is the centre of my technical world but currently it’s a passive tool; for it to support me, I have to initiate the interaction. i.e. check my calendar etc.

For my phone to work better as part of a distributed cognitive system, it needs to integrate in to my life. It must pro-activly support remembering people and places and use that information to create an intervention designed to support me being a better version of myself.

(Note: i say support, rather than automate)

How could you envisage a solution that can know from my location and time, that the train i wanted to get is delayed, or that i’m going to miss it. What are my options to arrive at my destitation at the right time? If i can’t, how can it support me to let my friends/work colleagues know that i’ll be late for an appointment, or that i’Ill miss dinner?

How smart should it be? Could it know that I have awful reception for most of my 1 hour train journey and let people know i’m “unavaliable” for the hour?

A system such as this is not a broadcast tool. It’s a support tool, designed to allow me to manage my hectic world. I want it to understand and act like me but not to be me. I want it to support me being the best version of myself: aware, thoughtful and conscious of the space, time and contexts I operate in.

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