What your business should be thinking about when planning for a future of remote work.

It’s looking more an more likely that remote work will be an ongoing feature of our working lives.

It’s been a big adjustment getting to this point, but now’s the time to plan for an extended period of remote work.

Answer the following questions and be honest:

1. What important activities have you or your colleagues had to put off/not be able to do without being at the office?

2. What limitations has there been in your, and your colleagues ability to communicate and collaborate effectively?

3. How easy has it been for you and your colleagues to share and access data and files, without having to resort to sending documents via email? (Email is a close channel of communication meaning that documents will get out of sync when modified by multiple colleagues)

4. How well have you been been able to support your colleagues to fully participate in their work activities even if they are unable to attend in real-time?

5. Do you and your colleagues have clarity on what you’re being asked to achieve and by when, and do you have access to all the tools, data and assets they need to complete the task?

If you answer no to one or more of these question then now’s the time to work on your longer-term remote working strategy.

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