06: Christmas food shopping

2022-11-19 – Saturday

  1. Busy day, Christmas food shopping. Derc had an M&S voucher which we split 50/50. We ended up buying loads of finger foods which we could freeze for Christmas.
  2. Of course, our freezer is full, and Tam tells me we need another freezer!
  3. This is frustrating because we’ve got an American-style fridge freezer, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that we had all the freezer capacity we needed
  4. But alas, no. We can’t seem to freeze any more than we used to when we had a much smaller under-counter freezer. Volume-wise they appear to be the same.
  5. Anyway, a new freezer is arriving on Wednesday.
  6. Just because everything is bigger in America, don’t assume that American-style European fridge freezers will be too!
  7. Back to the finger foods, I’m especially looking forward to the mini sausage in batters and the reindeer bau buns.
  8. Sadly, I noticed that the finger foods of my youth are not represented in the M&S Christmas range. There was no prawn vol-au-vent, for starters!
  9. Reading: Makers by Cory Doctorow
  10. Wordle 518: 4/6

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