35: Christmas with the stars

2022-12-18 – Sunday

  • Tonight I’m driving into the centre of London so that we can attend Michael Xavier’s Christmas with the stars at St Paul’s Church (Covent Garden), also known as the Actors Church
  • This is one of my favourite Christmas traditions.
  • Apart from during the pandemic, we’ve gone every Christmas for the last five years or so.
  • Michael Xavier is a broadway/west end leading man who also runs MX Masterclass.
  • MX Masterclass (MXM) is a weekend theatre school for people between 10-25.
  • Ellie went there every Sunday for years. Only leaving when she went to study Musical Theatre at University (Urdang) when she turned 18.
  • During her time at MXM, she performed at west end live and the Royal Albert Hall; she was part of Collabro’s children’s choir at the Apollo Theatre and, again, at the Royal Albert Hall.
  • Every Christmas, Michael host Christmas was the starts to raise money for children with cancer.
  • It’s wonderful
  • As well as allowing the students of MXM to perform he invites a host of west-end stars to perform too.
  • The setting, St Paul’s Church, is cosy
  • The songs are great and, given the calibre of the performers, wonderfully performed.
  • And, of course, all the money raised from the tickets and the raffle goes to charity (children with cancer)
  • Apart from the drive there and back, I’m genuinely looking forward to it!
  • Especially because Ellie is coming home for Christmas. 🎄

  • Had a very enjoyable evening at Christmas with the stars.
  • Sadly Michael was unable to attend as he was performing in Edinburgh but we were left in the capable hands of Daisy Greenwood and Natalie Paris.
  • There were some amazing performances and the MX Masterclass choir we’re great.
  • Now we’re home and ready for Christmas proper to begin.

  • Reading: Agency by William Gibson
  • Wordle: 547 4/6

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