43: Boxing Day


  • I woke up early, and spent far too long in the bath. I was reading and relaxing.
  • We then went to my parent’s for Boxing Day. Where we exchanged gifts, chatted, and ate curry.
  • My dad and brother Ben did the cooking today.
  • Ben, my older brother, is usually quite gruff, but he’s decided to embrace the calm, which made me realise how gruff I can be in return.
  • It was instructive, and I realised that I’m not always as clear as I intend to be when conversing.
  • A wonderful Christmas gift from him.
  • I don’t know why I doubt it, but he’s a wonderfully kind soul, and I enjoyed reappraising our relationship through a softer, kinder lens.
  • Tomorrow mum, dad, Kate, Ben, William and Amelie are off to France for the new year.
  • It was lovely seeing Rich, Chris and Noah. Noah’s a little scamp. Only 13 months, but already cheeky.
  • We also got to spend time with Ruth, Liz and Zak, which was a treat.
  • Zak went to see Southampton play football with Liz’s dad David. A terrible game, but Zak, who has autism, had a blast. David was disappointed with the game, but you know he loves his time with Zak. It’s such a great thing to witness.
  • When we got home, we had dinner and played games which was great.
  • I love the Christmas holidays. Nothing to think about except enjoying spending time with the family.
  • It’s a public holiday tomorrow, so one more day of nothing but family time. Bring it on, I say.
  • Not time for reading.
  • I failed at wordle again. Too tired this morning to do it properly.
  • I must confess to making an Amazon purchase today. Don’t judge me.
  • I was waiting on the last of my Christmas presents to see if I needed to order anything.
  • My mum, who picked me in secret Santa, bought me some weather sensors, which was way above the £50 limit.
  • So I had to use my vouchers to buy a soldering iron and some PLA filament to build housing and complete the build to make the sensors work.
  • I’m looking forward to starting the project in a few days.

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