55: Digital Employee Experience.


  • Today I started pulling together my thoughts on the ‘Employee Graph’ I want to integrate into our Employee Experience Platform.
  • The purpose of our Employee Experience platform is to apply a UX layer over the top of an organisation’s employee digital tools.
  • Alongside our more substantial products:
  • Intranet
  • Recognition
  • Performance Review
  • Rewards (Discount manager)
  • We also integrate into existing platforms such as Oracle HCM, and Microsoft 365.
  • However, the unique aspect of our solution is that we can aggregate the data from all these platforms and turn it into insights.
  • I want to make sure the insights are beneficial to the user (performance reviews, feedback), the line manager (team management), and the organisation (workforce planning)
  • So now I’m working through what this reporting dashboard could look like and the value it will return.

Wordle: 569 6/6

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