83: Carbon capture with seaweed.

An amazing guy, Howard Gunstock, who I worked with a Three started a business called Carbon Kapture around four years ago.

He was driven to do something about the upcoming climate catastrophe and worked hard to build an eco-brand focusing on carbon capture. Yesterday, he launched and awesome ‘sponsor a rope scheme’.

For just £20 you can sponsor a meter of rope of seaweed which will capture around 1.8kg of CO2,

As part of the package Howard and the team will give you updates on how it’s growing and where it’s eventually used in farming to improve the quality of the soil.

Carbon Kapture hopes to have 1 million metres of seaweed ropes in the water by the end of 2024. This is impressive work. Especially as Seaweed absorbs CO2 at 30x the speed of trees.

If you care about the environment, perhaps you’ve bought bamboo kitchen implements because they’re more sustainable, then this will be right up your street.

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