31: Happy Birthday Nick

2022-12-14 – Wednesday

  • I spent the day thinking it was Thursday! Cursing and wondering where the week has gone!
  • Thankfully it’s only Wednesday, so I have the gift of an extra 24h to play with this week.
  • Today was my Friend Nick’s birthday, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you about my incredible friend.
  • Nick used to run the best design agency on the south coast; he sold it to an employee in 2018, opting to focus on his writing.
  • As well as being a first-class agency head, he’s also a fantastic writer.
  • A few years ago, he wrote the first books in his Execution series.
  • Execution: Jon Kaine 0: The pilot
  • Execution Is Everything: Jon Kaine 1
  • The Storm Beneath: Jon Kaine 2
  • Here’s the description from the first book.
  • “Jon Kaine is a business psychologist – confident, successful, and more used to seminars than bar room brawls. But when a beautiful woman walks into a New York bar Kaine’s life becomes anything but theoretical. As the night descends into violence, he’s forced to reawaken a buried part of himself, and put his skills to darker use.”
  • When Nick was writing these books, he had a behind-the-scenes blog that documented his progress. A fascinating insight into his writing process.
  • Alongside his writing, Nick has been building a new business.
  • https://storiesmeanbusiness.com
  • Where he now helps smart, successful people tell their stories through strategic copywriting and ghostwriting.
  • On his site, he’s produced a wealth of content which helps you understand how storytelling is at the heart of every human interaction and how you can use that to strengthen your brand.
  • Alongside his written work, he’s recorded 1154 daily podcasts, part of his thinking system (second brain), where he shares his thoughts on Storytelling, business and life. Each episode is only 10mins but full of hard-won knowledge.
  • When he hit the 1000 mark, he earned the opportunity to interview Seth Godin. Seth values people who put in the hard work and who turn up every day and get their work done. Which nick was able to prove through his amazing podcast series.
  • https://storiesmeanbusiness.com/seth-godin-on-story/seth-godin-on-storytelling/
  • Nick is probably one of the most generous people I know, and he is truly wonderful.
  • I’m proud to call him a friend, and I wish him a wonderful birthday.

  • Reading: The Peripheral by William Gibson
  • Wordle: 544 X/X didn’t complete today’s puzzle.

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