32: Data Migration, Retail App, Christmas holidays.

2022-12-15 – Thursday

  • I had some success, finally, with the data migration project.
  • After asking Egnyte to increase the rate limit for our API access, I can now scan large folders and migrate their content. 🎉
  • I’m now trying to see if we can complete delta migrations, but this doesn’t seem to work as expected.
  • Two steps forward, one step back.

  • We seem to be making good progress finalising our Retail App project. Tomorrow stand up with be instructive, especially since Adam (senior full stack dev) and Josh (senior services engineer) are both wrapping up for Christmas.

  • I’ve noticed a distinct decrease in messages from our clients as everyone seems to be winding down for Christmas.
  • This always happens towards the end of the second week of December.
  • A signal to slowly start to decompress myself.

  • Reading: The Peripheral by William Gibson (84% Complete)
  • Wordle: 544 4/6

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