39: Retail App RC, Gary Walker

2022-12-22 – Thursday

  • Busy day today putting the finishing touches to the Retail App release candidate.
  • The team have done an excellent job!
  • I love my work but I’m looking forward to the Christmas break.

  • Today was my Good friend Gary Walker’s birthday
  • Gary and I worked together at Three, and then we wrote a book, Ready for Remote, together.
  • Gary then took Ready for Remote forward and has created an excellent consultancy business helping various businesses create remote/ hybrid playbooks.
  • He is an expert in remote work, someone who not only talks the talk but walks the walk too.
  • There isn’t a facet of implementing a world class remote work practice that Gary doesn’t understand.
  • It’s been a genuine pleasure to watch Gary take what we started and turn it into something extraordinary.

  • Reading: The Agency by William Gibson (13% Complete)
  • World’s: 551 X/6 – FAIL

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