38: I am developer, working with your hands, Christmas goodies

2022-12-21 – Wednesday

  • Ah what a wonderful couple of days
  • I’ve been moonlighting as a developer to support Callum and Dave with their work, and I’ve loved it.
  • I’ve not done anything too difficult, to be honest; text changes here and there, but it’s nice to have some clearly defined tasks which I can tick off.
  • As MD of UXC most of my work is nebulous, I never really know when something is done. I’m cultivating leads, working on our sales pipeline and basically doing a whole bunch of business admin tasks.
  • As I keep telling Dan, meetings ARE work, but they’re not always as satisfying as doing a production work with a defined beginning and end, as Dan reminds me.
  • Again my mind flits back to Matthew Crawford’s book The case for working with your hands.
  • Although, in this case, I’m doing digital work, it is satisfying to make something out of nothing or to make something that was broken work again.
  • I’ve been guilty of ignoring that visceral satisfaction of delivering digital work, instead focusing on physical labour.
  • The past two days have been a good reminder of the virtues of digital production work.
  • I wonder what the attribute is, that makes the work satisfying or not?
  • Personally, I don’t find administration, marketing and sales rewarding, but some people do.
  • Do they get the same sense of satisfaction as I do from making something physical or digital? A ‘real world’ momento of effort spent.
  • I wonder what Crawford would make of it?
  • Part of Crawford’s thesis is that manual work is undervalued, this can’t be said of digital work except that developers and designers are both getting their lunch eaten by no-code solutions.
  • What has been a very secure profession for the past 20-40 years is looking less secure if one casts their eyes to the horizon.
  • Surely the value of developers and designers will meet the same fate as contemporary manual workers as their work is commoditised and new tools and processes demote the cognitive aspect of the work.

  • I spent the night cooking up some scrummy Christmas presents.
  • It turned out to be a late night in the end, but I’m happy with what we made.
  • I’ll post what I made after Christmas.

  • Reading: The Agency by William Gibson (13% Complete)
  • World’s: 550 3/6

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