45: 3D printing


  • I’m at that stage of the Christmas holiday where I’m starting to forget what day it is!
  • Derc and Lee popped in to say hello and we made far to many snacks.
  • I then, finally, setup the 3D printer.
  • The setup on the whole was easy! Except for the bed levelling which was a pain in the ass.
  • I managed to get it good enough to render my first print.
  • Which was very exciting 🙂
  • Now I need to solder the header pins onto my Pico W’s and I can start making!
  • In the evening we watched Wednesday. I found it quite enjoyable. Netflix does seem to be producing some good content again.

  • Reading: Agency by William Gibson (20% Complete)
  • Wordle: 557 6/6

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