46: winter sales


  • Today we went into town to look around the winter sales.
  • Shopping is one thing I hate doing and try to avoid at all costs.
  • So heading into town at Christmas time is my idea of hell. I’m genuinely thankful for online shopping.
  • I’m not the type of person who hates crowds, and neither am I a spend-thrift (although I wish I were).
  • I’ve just never got the annual tradition right after Christmas when you’ve been gifted new things that there is anything else you might want.
  • Tam and Ellie seem to love it.
  • Plus, Tam likes to suggest new things I should get. Today she’s suggested new trainers (the one pair I have are still okay, and I see no need to replace them)
  • In fact, yesterday, as I was making room for the 3D printer, I was looking through my clothes, thinking about what I should get rid of.
  • I seem to have two months’ worth of t-shirts which have been bought over the past two decades.
  • I’ve more blankets than we need, although, with the fuel crisis, I might layer up on the bed sheets and forget the heating altogether.
  • I also seem to have several bags of Ellie’s clothes which look like they were from when she was 5.
  • I seriously need to Marie Kondo my life!
  • Tomorrow is the start of the end of Christmas. We’re taking our Christmas decorations down.
  • Which ushers in the new year and should make room for me to sort out our living room and rear extension room.

  • Reading: Agency by William Gibson (20% Complete)
  • Wordle: 558 5/6

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