47: The Matrix


  • Today I’m dumbfounded.
  • I’ve been reading the news about some ‘alpha mate’ type who’s been arrested in Romania for sex trafficking.
  • He’s only on my Radar because of some attention-seeking behaviour, which is the norm for these people.
  • He tweeted Greta Thunberg to taunt her about having lots of cars, and she brilliantly replied.
  • The only thing worse than these types of personalities (small dick man), not Greta, is the following the amass for their debased ideology. (And the paid media talking heads that tweet support for them!! To boost their bank balances)
  • I’ve been doom-scrolling, and I’m genuinely surprised at the amount of women-styled accounts (I say styled because I can no longer tell what’s a bot or not on Twitter) that are defending his behaviour.
  • If this man is guilty of sex trafficking, rape etc., then the defence, it seems, is that he’s only being persecuted because he’s rumbled ‘their’ game (the matrix in this case). Why, they cry, hasn’t the list of people who went to Jeffrey Epstein island not been released.
  • I suppose a good conspiracy theory has a grain of truth. I can, through some mental contortions, believe that if there is a list of people and they’re all wealthy people, then they can protect themselves from attack by having positions of power.
  • I have no issues imagining that a deeply misogynistic man who believes women to be property is allegedly guilty of sex trafficking, rape and the other things he’s accused.
  • His followers will say that’s because I’m brainwashed. In this case, I’d say it’s because I watched some videos he’s produced, and his worldview is blatantly on show.
  • What a polarising world we live in reactionary conflict, culture wars, division and hatred everywhere.
  • Who’d of thought that over 20 years of digital technology would have shaped our society so?
  • Where are the good digital neighbourhoods?
  • I want an internet, like it was at the start. People are happy to share and create together without peddling hatred for clicks.

  • Reading: Agency by William Gibson (22% Complete)
  • Wordle: 559 x/6

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