Tips for academics who are researching/teaching from home?

I was asked the following question on twitter (

Q) What are your top tips for academics who are researching/teaching from home?

A) Hey, 👋 I’ve got five tips which may help

1) Firstly, remember right now is crisis working, and not true remote working

2) Redefine productivity. Think about Writing journal articles as a project (not a task). Break the project into manageable steps and allocated a timebox to work on that step.

3) Work the time available, and it’s probably not 9-5. It may be knowing that it’s a 30 min window before the kids wake up, or after they’ve got to bed (if you’ve got the energy). Plan the most important task for that uninterrupted window.

4) if you’re managing a team—have a group comms channel, so it’s easy for you to co-ordinate your work and let your teammates know when you are/aren’t available.

5) Keep a paper or video diary of what you’ve done with your time. It will help you to remember just how productive you have been, even if you can’t measure it in publications.

HTH 🙂 if you or your friends from #academictwitter have any other qs then please reach out 🙂