48: New Years’ Eve


  • New Year’s Eve! My favourite winter event. I love the idea that tomorrow, you can start fresh.
  • I had to drop Ellie to the station so she can spend NYE with her friends in London.
  • Apparently, she’ll be on the 11.00 train home tomorrow, and I hope she doesn’t get too hungover! Being on the train feeling shitty is no fun.
  • Tam and I have a low-key evening planned. I wouldn’t be surprised if we were in bed by 22.00.
  • Before that, though, we’re going to pop to see my brother, his partner and his son Noah.
  • Noah’s a lovely little scamp, he’s usually quiet, but today he was showing us all his words and even took some steps while we were there.
  • It won’t be long until he’s walking properly.

  • Tam and I made it to midnight.
  • We had a rock and roll evening solving a jigsaw and eating nibbles.
  • We also binge-watched the first 7 episodes of the Traitors, while working on the jigsaw. Wilf is playing a strong game.
  • It was really very lovely.
  • We switched on the TV for midnight and watched the London fireworks!
  • They put on a show in London tonight!
  • Goodnight and Happy New Year!

  • Reading: Agency by William Gibson (48% Complete)
  • Wordle: 560 3/6

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