49: New Years Day


  • I felt quite tired today
  • Picked a slightly hung over Ellie up front the station.
  • We stopped at the supermarket to pick up some vegetables etc for our new year roast, was mercifully quiet so we go round pretty quickly.
  • We had cheese and biscuits for lunch
  • Followed by roast gammon for dinner.
  • I’ve still not worked out the timing for the air fryer properly, or anything else today so the meat was char grilled and the veggies were a little too soft.
  • Roast potatoes were good.
  • Been reading up about AI using the Harvard’s free ed ex course (CS50: introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python).
  • It’s massively more accessible than I though it was going to be, apart from getting my head around new terminology it’s all making sense (so far)
  • We finished watching The Traitors. Good show.

  • Reading: Agency by William Gibson (48% Complete)
  • Reading Challenge: 0/30
  • Wordle: 561 2/6

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