50: Back to work tomorrow.


  • Today is the last day off for Christmas/New Year before we head back to work for the new year.
  • I’m looking forward to getting back to work.
  • My goals for this month are:
  • 1. Finish the Retail App
  • 2. Complete the migration project
  • 3. Complete the Design a better world website
  • 4. Completed The Alice Sound Website
  • Beyond that, my UX team will support Etch and we’ll finalise the Telstra health project.
  • It’s a lot to do, but we’ll get it all done, no worries.

  • Today was pretty quiet. Tam and I did some tidying while Ellie worked on her essay.
  • This evening Tam and I embarked on one of our ‘year of crafts’ projects (while Ellie had a little nap)
  • We’re knitting a blanket from a kit I bought Tam for Christmas. (I thought I had purchased a crochet kit, but I discovered I was wrong when the set arrived).
  • It’s been a very long time since either of us has knitted, but after brushing up via YouTube, it sort of came back to us. 🫤
  • I secretly enjoy knitting as it reminds me of my Mum and my Nan.
  • My mum is a brilliant knitter, and she’s tried several times to teach me, but it’s been around 20 years since I last took up a pair of needles.
  • And it turns out that is hard!
  • I’ve not yet rung my mum to help me understand the knitting pattern, but it won’t be long before I need her wisdom.

  • Reading: Agency by William Gibson (48% Complete)
  • Wordle: 562 5/6

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