69: See ya January


I’ve been super busy these past few weeks, and sadly, my writing has taken a back seat, but I wanted to end the month with a recap of what we achieved.

On 3/1/2023, I wrote in 50: Back to work tomorrow that we wanted to achieve the following things:

  • 1. Finish the Retail App
  •  2. Complete the migration project
  •  3. Complete the Design a better world website
  •  4. Completed The Alice Sound Website

So, how did we do?


  1. Finish the Retail App > we pushed the app live on the 24th Jan (68: Retail App), and tomorrow on the 1st Feb it will be comms out to 2500 people in the Retail teams at Three.
  2.  Complete the Design a better world website > we are code complete and have handed over the site for Don and Juna to start populating with content to support the publication of his new book.

Partial Success

  1. Complete the migration project > this project has been challenging, but today we finalised the migration and reorganisation of the first Sharepoint site. The project is not complete yet, but we have a script that will let us map the old folder locations to new ones and move the files. I’ve been posting the odd snippet about this  (68: Generative AI you need to check its working outs67: JavaScript templates strings in Python66: Python: MS Graph API Authentication (Without a user)).When I get the chance, I’ll post the script, as it might be helpful to people who need to create and move folders in SharePoint using GraphAPI.
  2.  Completed The Alice Sound Website > this has been delayed. We’re done with our bit for now, but we look forward to working with the team to finalise the site and release it to the world.

Aside from these goals, the team, led by Dan, have delivered lots of work for Etch, helping them with several clients, and we mustn’t forget the work we’ve been doing with Accenture to support the delivery of the Strata Application.

I’m very proud of the work our team has completed through Jan.

4 thoughts on “69: See ya January

    1. Hey Federico, the new website will support Don’s new book, which will provide example of projects etc. It should be launched shortly to support Don’s new book.


      1. Amazing, thanks for answering!

        May I ask you if there is a specific reason for writing blog articles about the progress of your work? Is it a kind of journal?


      2. I use my blog as a thinking aid, so yes, I suppose it is journaling.

        Sometimes I write about work, sometimes about things I’ve learn, things my family and I are doing.


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