57: Polly, Sharepoint


  • Today was a mixed bag.
  • I took Polly to the orthopaedic vet to see if we could find our definitively what’s wrong with her back end.
  • She’s still having difficulty walking and some incontinence, and the painkillers don’t seem to be helping at all.
  • The vet seems to think it’s not cruciate ligament disease as was previously though. Instead she thinks that polls has compression in her spinal cord which is stopping the never from working properly.
  • With this is mind, we’ve been referred to a specialist for an MRI on Monday.
  • If it turns our that she does have a spinal issue they she’ll be given steroids which should bring immediate relief of her symptoms.
  • So fingers crossed we can get that sorted out and start next week on a positive note.

  • Aside from that Adam and I teamed on to see if we could crack this data migration project.
  • You may recall that last year is was battling with Microsofts Sharepoint Migration tool (SPMT) to move files from Egnyte to Sharepoint.
  • After a lot of to and fro with the tech support team at Egnyte I manages to get this resolved by increasing the throttle on the number of API calls allowed per second.
  • ✅ we can now migrate the files as is from Egnyte to Sharepoint
  • Next step is to re organise the files in SharePoint to the new folder structure.
  • I had hope to be able to do a proper folder mapping in SPMT but thus proved unsuccessful.
  • I then looked at doing the manually but the share number of folders/files made this unsustainable.
  • So I resorted to writing a script using the Graph API to move the folders.
  • Connecting to Graph API with python appears to be very fiddly, with an awful lot of poor documentation.
  • I planned to create Azure App that had application-level scope to do this, but I can’t find any document to support getting an AccessToken without requiring generating a url and looking at the return address for the token (I.e. User-based authentication).
  • The good news is that between Adam and I, we managed to get the building blocks of the script together.
  • Tomorrow’s job is to finalise the script and then run it against the test migration to see if it’ll do the trick.
  • When I’m done, I’m going to document it here so that I can reference it later.

Reading: The case for working with your hands by Matthew B Crawford.

Wordle: 571 5/6

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