58: SharePoint (Graph API)


  • We are making good progress on the Sharepoint migration script.
  • We’ve now got a script that will find all the site IDs, which will allow me to use the Move API to organise the files and folders.
  • The next steps are to create a spreadsheet that will make it easy for me to map the source and destination folders.
  • I also need to run a test to ensure we don’t overwrite any files in the source destination.
  • As this will allow me to run a ‘delta’ migration.
  • I also need to add some defensive code for any API call that might fail. So I can log the output and retry.
  • I’m still not happy with the auth, but now I’ve got the refresh token working I don’t have to do the access token dance with the browser which is simply annoying.
  • The script should be finished this weekend.
  • So I’ll do a full breakdown as soon as I can.
  • I’m creating this script outside of Jupiter notebook which is an interesting

Reading: The case for working with your hands by Matthew B Crawford. (32% Complete)

Wordle: 572 5/6

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