60: Sunday code day:


  • This morning my good friend Craig popped over this morning.
  • Before the Pandemic, he used to pop over every Saturday or Sunday, and we’d chew the fat and usually end up doing some coding together, but it’s been about 3 years since we did that… until today.
  • In the week, Craig and I were discussing how most systems have terrible reporting.
  • They usually have some high-level stats that doesn’t really help you to answer the real questions you have.
  • So today, we took one of the reports from his college MIS system and tried to see if we could generate some more appropriate insights.
  • While working on the data, we found some pretty cool things in Pandas.
  • I will write a post with all the tips and tricks I need.

Reading: The case for working with your hands by Matthew B Crawford. (32% Complete)

Wordle: 572 5/6

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