61: Polly Update


  • Today I took Polly, our pug, to the neuro-specialist to find out what’s going wrong with her back end.
  • The vet hypothesised 1 of 3 things. 1) Disk problems, 2) Cyst (SAD) or 3) Constrictive myelopathy.
  • It turns out after the MRI that she has a little from columns 2 and 3.
  • Her immediate problems are caused by a cyst, but she has malformation in the spine which causes the cyat to form.
  • So we’ve been given a few choices. 1) do nothing, prognosis, complete immobility and double incontinence in 6-12 months. 2) steroids, which will relieve the symptoms but not resolve the problem 3) surgery,
  • Lucky we’re insured so we opted for the surgery.
  • I’m anxious for her, I have all the usual worries about the surgery, but I’m also nervous about her being at the hospital for the week. Will she sleep well etc.
  • So, to whoever is reading these posts. Send some good thoughts.

Reading: The case for working with your hands by Matthew B Crawford. (64% Complete)

Wordle: 572 5/6

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