62: Monday, blur-day


  • Polly had her surgery today! The vet rung to say that so far everything looked good. The surgery went well, and he’ll call again tomorrow to let us know how Polly is recovering.

  • Today went by in a blur. I realised that I had low-level anxiety about Polly’s surgery, which made concentrating a little tricky.
  • However, we’re making good progress on our projects.
  • The data migration is coming together nicely. The script to reorganise the content is taking longer than expected, but I’m still confident it’ll do what we want it to do.
  • The retail app is moving ahead, and we should be able to go live early Feb. We’re still waiting on Info. Sec to sign off, but our plan to resolve the low-impact bugs has been approved in principle, so it’s only a matter of time.
  • All in all, things are going well, so there is nothing to grumble about there.
  • I think our most significant success is the control we now have over the backlog. It’s now obvious what’s happening and if we have any issues.

Reading: The case for working with your hands by Matthew B Crawford. (64% Complete)

Wordle: 572 5/6

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