19: Pen test

2022-12-02 – Friday

  • Super busy day. We were preparing the app we built for Three’s Retail team for a Penetration test next week.
  • It wasn’t entirely successful either, which was quite frustrating.
  • Our app has to be deployed on the Intune-managed iPad
  • Which means we had to rebuild it with the enterprise certs.
  • We finally got the certs and the provisioning profiles, but some things went wrong, and the provision profiles and the certs have gotten out of sync.
  • In future, we should be able to deploy the app via VPP (volume purchase program), but as we’re trying to pen test the v2 app, we have a catch-22 issue.
  • We can’t release it to the store without the existing v1 user base getting updated
  • We can’t upgrade the apps until the Pen test has happened!
  • So we’re trying ever more complex, and truth be told, desperate solutions to get the app on the iPads for testing.
  • We’ve not been successful yet, so time to let the grey matter work over the weekend, and we will come up with something appropriate for Monday.

  • Reading: Peripheral by William Gibson
  • Wordle 531: 6/6

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