21: 66Book Club, Craft shows

2022-12-04 – Sunday

  • Super early start this Sunday morning (6am) as Tam and I were heading to Hemel Hempstead.
  • What’s In Hemel Hempstead that would drag my sorry arse out of bed at 06.00 on a Sunday?
  • The answer is 66 Books, a trade-only book wholesaler that once a month throws open its doors to the general public, offering books at 70% off jacket price.
  • If you follow booktok, you may have heard of them earlier in the year as they went viral and broke Hemel Hempstead!
  • The last time Tam and I went, we arrived at 10.00, a mere hour after it opened, to be confronted with a 2h 30m wait.
  • So I wasn’t looking forward to waiting in the freezing cold for our turn to browse the stacks of books.
  • Imagine my surprise then, when we arrived at 09.15 and were not only able to park in the main car park but were able to walk right it!
  • We spend the best part of 2 hours browsing the books.
  • When we went to pay, we got £180s of books for £55. Thank you very much.

  • When we got home, I went to the local winter bizarre.
  • I love craft shows.
  • It’s amazing to see all the inventiveness.
  • I don’t know about you, but when I grew up, ‘homemade’ crafts used to be a byword for tacky, but not any more, my friends.
  • The things I saw on sale were first class. Very impressive.
  • It is hardly surprising with the high-quality tools available at home, Cricut, Glowforge, etc.
  • Had lamb roast for dinner.
  • Feeling very blessed today.

  • England 3 – Sénégal 0 – usually, when I watch an international football match England loses.
  • Reading: Peripheral by William Gibson
  • Wordle 533: 4/6

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