22: Enterprise App Deployment, Pen Test

2022-12-05 – Monday

  • App deployment day two.
  • You’ll remember on Friday’s post that our app needs pen testing.
  • To get the app onto the iPad assigned to the Pen. Test. We have to build the ipa and sign it with the enterprise certs.
  • Last thing on Friday, we had the provisioning profiles set up, but when I tried to archive the build, it failed, saying the distribution profile was incorrect.
  • Well, today, we discovered why. I didn’t have the cert (that should be managed by the cloud build signing).
  • However, as far as Apple’s developer portal is concerned, I should have everything configured correctly.
  • After lots of meetings later, we decided to go to plan B.
  • We created a new version of the app, which I will upload to the App Store to deploy to the iPad via VPP.
  • It’s a crazy stupid idea, but by the end of the day, I had a working v2 build pushed up to the AppStore review.
  • I hope Apple approves the app, and we can move on.
  • If not, we’ve got no good ideas left.
  • Except for me going to the client site and pushing the app via a USB cable onto the iPad.
  • Other than that, I reviewed The Alice Sound website with the client. All are happy so far, which is good. Hopefully, we can put that to bed in the next week.

  • Reading: Peripheral by William Gibson
  • Wordle 533: X/6 FAIL

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