26: Etch, Pen Test Results, 3 Celebrates.

2022-12-09 – Friday

  • Had a great day today.
  • I was invited to go to Etch’s Vision day. It was amazing to hear their reflections on the year and their plans for 2023 and beyond.
  • I’m a big fan of Etch, not just because they’re a partner but because I’ve known Tom and Shelly (the owners) for years!
  • They’re innovative and understand the macro and micro factors of running an agency.
  • I also got to catch up with Dan Thomas, who runs Etch Play which is always a pleasure because he’s such a nice guy.
  • He and the Etch play team have done fantastic work in the UK games industry, and they’re getting an excellent reputation. (Dan’s wife Andrea is also a pioneer in the textiles maker space, which is very cool).
  • Aside from all that.

  • We got the pen test results summary today, and the Retail App team locked it out of the park.
  • No significant issues were reported, and the two that were raised were already backlogged to be fixed before the issues were raised in the pen test.

  • It’s also Annual Stars day today at Three, the day when a group of employees are rewarded for their excellent work over the past 12 months.
  • I love it because 1) it’s fantastic when people are rewarded for their outstanding work and 2) they use the 3Celebrates platform UXC designed and built to send out the messages.
  • Then I see hundreds of screenshots on LinkedIn where people share their successes.
  • It’s genuinely awesome to see a system like this put to good use.

  • Reading: Peripheral by William Gibson
  • Wordle 537: 4/6. That’s more like it.

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