27: Christmas Shopping, Fawley Fayre, England vs France

2022-12-10 – Saturday

  • Quiet Saturday.
  • Tam and I went into Southampton to check out the German Market and to give some toys to the charity present appeal.
  • Then we went to the Fawley Yuletide Fayre.
  • We had dinner, and I walked the dogs when we got home.

  • The evening was spent watching the England quarter-finals match against France.
  • Sadly England lost by two goals to one, but from my uneducated eye, I thought England should be able to hold their heads up high.
  • It was a cracking match by two evenly matched teams.
  • There were a few dubious decisions by the referee, which I’m sure will keep the pundits excited, but other than that, It was a good game.
  • Tomorrow is the community ‘Sweep the street’ sweep’ that I mentioned a few weeks ago.
  • I wonder who will turn out to help?

  • Reading: Peripheral by William Gibson
  • Wordle 538: didn’t complete wordle today!

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